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Im a 22 year old guy, born in a town called Borås. Iwent to school for 9 years, and then I studied Business & Economy for 3 years. Since June 10th 1996, I work for a company called IT-Service in Gothenburg. The people who works there are just the best people in the world and I like my work.The job is to help customers with there computerproblems. From passwords to printers, through Microsoft stuff. Have worked as a "Outlook-expert" (they say) for 8 month, latley I worked in a  project for Win/office2000. Now days its more ActionRecquestSystem from Remedy I work with, and ofcourse Mail applications.

I now lives in Gothenburg, I like it here. Through the links, you're going to find some of my pals at work and other friends I made. Click Here for Greece Pictures! , SpringParty99! or Summer99pix

CapriSun98.jpg (7638 bytes)              Picture taken by me, sunset at Strömstad, Sweden May 98

Click here for Greece pic 99

Some Interests

I like to party and hang out with friends, to listen to music, go to movies, surf the Internet, play pool etc. I'm not into sports so much: although I was once into Basket & Soccer, I quit that long time ago. Now I'm just relaxing and taking it easy, having fun.But I Work-Out once a week. I really like music. I like Hip hop, Soul, R & B, Dance, and Britpop the most, I'm mostly into Rock.American Rock is the best with bands like Live, Hootie & The Blowfish, Matchbox 20, Tina Turner & Sheryl Crow.Wanna hear a taste of the best rock group on Earth? All you need is Winzip and Winamp, click on the linkto download: Live-Gas Head Goes West

I also like all kinds of Movies: Drama, action, horror, comedies, fantasy ect. My favorite movies are Titanic,Terminator 2 and The Abyss. Favorite Directors are James Cameron (surprise!), Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas. My favorite actors and actresses are Mary E. Mastrantonio, Sandra Bullock, Al Pacino, Neve Campbell, Sean Connery and Kathy Bates. On TV I like South Park, X-Files, Married With Children, Ally McBeal and last and not leaste Party Of Five. Thats enough about me. Cya on the net.

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