SpringParty 2001!

Madde, Mad-Duck and Pernilla

Ankan do his tounge thing, Mattias from Sthlm and Sara. Annelie working her way around the dancefloor

The rockband - plays populer covers. Rolling on a river................ Björn has find red-lady Pernilla!

Blood is on the dancefloor! Get down with the party! Madde & Åsa is two Party girls! Dansa i neon!

Emelie knows how to dance, shes had many nights at the clubs. And these guys seems serious.

Are u all tierd? Jocke, Jörgen & Emil. Too much beer? Bempa try to learn Karyn to play drums. We´re is the E-type sound?

Madde, Stefan P, Karyn, Thomas and a finger. Nice! Lasse on the phone - Yes darling, im bored and i misses you. Is the phone on?

Lasse making a face - what planet does he come from? Linda A smiles for the cam with Jennies boyfriend...

Me & Jenny - coozzzzy! We´re are this way even without Hof! Hmmm Its Sebbe....and...well, cant lie, its my tshirt there!

Linda has find a new male friend, one of thousends! *S* And Madde is posing for the cam - wanna have a date?

Kiss me stranger! Kiss Mia! The Queen in the bar - always! Kitchen fun with Pia, Emelie, Bempa and The Queen of Kitchen - Naemi!

The bartenders - want a beer, cider or wine? Stina, Åsa, Pia. Jocke is populer - so populer pia coulden get her hands of him.

Red, Blond, Funny and Hot! Pernilla is back in action!(request system). Crazy boys, Sebbe and me.

Hes everywhere, the crazy boy. Sebilon. Pernilla close behind, and some dude....

Sivan on the dancefloor with Patrik. Behind: Pillan, Nina. Sivan with her friend Naemi - two power ladys. swedish tina turners

Wow! Im to sexy for this cam. *kiss* Stina in action! Dum & Dumber, or the other way around? Thomas and Magnus G.

Tommy is mad. Well all know that. Åsa B in party mood. Shes the headmaster of the party. Thord, Ankan, Dick - cool dudes

Vickan is back! We miss ya!! Stefan P is rocking like Bon Jovi and Tommy as..Jerry Williams? PJ is just cool.

The end for springparty2001@lrweb